Matthiasson Vineyards, California, Napa

Honest, hardworking winegrowers. Balance is the PURSUIT.

Like many of the wineries we work with the process of joining forces with Matthiasson took time. We had originally heard about Steve and Jill Matthiason's wines through friends in the trade in both NY and CA. We had resisted the addition of other "new world" producers both because we had our hands full with our winery partners in our home state of Washington and secondly, frankly, the style of wine coming out of California, at the time, was not to our palate- or- more importantly the palate of our customers. Despite our preconceived notions, we took the advise of our close friends and began the journey with Matthiasson.

I reached out to Jill in the Spring of 2016 after a work visit to NY where I had the opportunity to taste their 2015 rosé, let her know who were were, how we heard of the wines, etc- the usual stuff. Jill cheerfully replied and said she would be happy to release some wines to sample but warned that their limited supply wine may inhibit the start of a potential partnership. Something we are all too familiar with in our pursuit to "find the goods"...fortunately we are tenacious...

A few weeks after the samples arrived we had the opportunity to taste thought the wines over a couple of home-cooked meals and shared them with close industry friends.....the rest, as they say, is history.

My wife and I visited the winery in April 2017. An unforgettable experience and one we look forward to sharing with our customers for many years to come. 

TENDU Wine Co.

The ultimate glou glou wine...from california?

In 2012, the Matthiassons and their wine broker embarked on a new project to produce handcrafted, affordable natural wines under its Tendu label. The Tendu wines come in distinctive, high-shouldered, short-necked, one-liter bottles with red and white color-coded crown bottle caps, similar to the bottles of everyday Austrian Gruner Veltliner wines.  

Tendu is French for taut or tense, and the Tendu wines display body, strength, and zest. Made with grapes sourced from the less expensive Sacramento Valley, the Tendu wines are refreshingly delicious and affordable.  

These refreshing Tendu wines are ready to drink at your next barbecue, picnic, or dinner - indoors or outdoors - and would be great summer house wines. And the one-liter size offers 33% more fun.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 3.59.36 PM.png


Grochau Cellars

Start with growing exceptional fruit then don't F*** it up.

Grochau Cellars makes wines that are balanced, textured and expressive of place. Inspired by the diversity of the Willamette Valley’s soils & microclimates, we source fruit from organic and sustainably-farmed parcels throughout the region.

Le Doubblé Troubblé Wine Co.

Seriously DELICIOUS wines, cool story and fun labels...what else do you want?

This epic tale begins with two friends, both passionate about good wine and deep powder, who met while chasing the best wine and the most awesome snow in the magical land known as Tahoe, that's Lake Tahoe, show some respect. 

Several years were spent with memorable powder runs followed by evenings around long tables with good friends, and wonderful wine. Talks of hopes and dreams just flew by. Eventually, not fast enough according to their parents, they got a little older, and their dreams got a little bolder.

After one particularly memorable gathering, they stayed up late to ponder the meaning of life and their future.  They agreed their shared passion for wine
was the direction they should follow and that it was their time to make their mark on the wine industry.

Late night conversations turned into daytime discussions and serious strategic planning. They determined that it was time to leave their beloved Tahoe powder and move to Oregon, home of the Willamette Valley and Pinot Noir.  They seized the day, made their bold move, and the Le Doubblé Troubblé Wine Co., twice the trouble and twice the fun, was born.

Washington State

Alleromb, Washington, Royal Slope

Expressions from a single vineyard.

Aryn Morell's estate vineyard is producing some of the most exceptional Burgundy, Bordeaux and Rhône varieties in the United States. The word Alleromb comes from A: (Aryn); llerom: (Morell spelt backwards); B: (for his brother Brenden). 

I first met Aryn, his wife Edith and their three daughters while I was working as the wine director for Eric Banh's Monsoon restaurants in 2009 in the Seattle area. We would share stories of our favorite wines, discuss wine politics and he let me in on the terroir of Washington as I was a novice on the local wine scene coming from California and being formally educated on European wines. I quickly gained an appreciation for his style which has a focus towards food-friendly wines with elegance and typicity. Get your hands on these limited releases.

Morell-Peña, Washington, Royal Slope

Portraits of our daughters- "The girls"

The idea of making a wine that has character and individuality is every winemakers goal, no different than our goal in these three chardonnays. With the exception being that we are not making these wines with just any personality, we are making them as "portraits" of our three daughters, intricately planned and executed.  A painstaking process in selecting clones that would match the unique character of each, paired with individually custom made barrels and finishing with meticulous winemaking.  Their natural beauty amplified by omitting  typical winemaking tools: cultivated yeasts, artificial nutrients and the over use of sulfites for preservation. These wines are natural and will display textures and nuance not typically seen in other wines.  

The result of this journey, an intriguing experience and a lesson in patience.


Swick Wines, Made in America

A collection of thoughts, vineyards farmed organically, and the results are delicious. 

The first encounter with Joe Swick's wines was on a restaurant shelf. I was kinda pissed...backstory- I've been wanting to make wine since I was 18. Growing up in California I was finding every reason to attend S.L.O. to learn how to make honest  wine...blah, blah, blah, and eventually have a vineyard in Mexico where I would slap my last name on the label- Swikard- and off we forward and: I found a bottle of Joe Swick's Pinot Noir on the restaurant shelf of one of my mentors who had encouraged my passion to start Vin2U in the first place...Swick...Swikard...there goes my plan to become a winemaker...but its a big world with small turns out that my mentor loved the Swick wines... and I recently had the pleasure to introduce the two of them and finally distribute the wines in Washington State.