We are a Washington State fine wine importer and distributor focused on family-owned domaines from both the old and new-world. Founded 2015, Seattle, WA.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in the finishing an activity but in doing it.
— Greg Anderson

What to expect when you purchase a Vin2U wine?

"Nothing added, Nothing taken." -Eric Swikard, Founder Vin2U

We work with likeminded individuals who share our passions for producing wines with a reflection of their terroirs'; a focus on sustainable, organic and biodiversity farming; and a natural approach to producing wines....nothing added, nothing taken.

"We purchase wine directly from the vineyard and deliver it to you."

We give a voice to some of the best family-owned wineries by telling their stories and sharing their passion. We know each producer personally. If we have not walked their vineyards, explored their villages, and sampled directly from their barrels- then we do not represent their products.

We travel extensively, knocking on doors and tap every relationship to find the most unique, small batch wines and ciders. From a 40 case production Washington State Syrah to a 26 year-old producing some of the finest Chablis we've ever tasted.

"Provide value by eliminating the middle-person."

The funds from your purchase goes to two outlets. First, we pay each producer a fair price for their wine. This not only ensures a long-term relationship with the producer but it also allows them to reinvest in their land. We pay each producer directly. There is no middle-person, or importer that adds to the cost of your purchase. This value is ultimately passed along to you. Second, we hire local people who share in our philosophy and partner with a select group of independent restauranteurs and bottle shops. Please feel free to explore our products and ask for them by name the next time you are at your local watering hole!

We hope you join us on our journey-- from vineyard to you!